Commodities (Conduit & Wire)

Most distributors sell the same or similar pipe, wire, cable, conduit and other commodity materials. It’s tempting to choose the distributor with the lowest price and call it a day. But when you buy from Dominion Electric you get more than a competitive price, you get:

  • Time- and money-saving options like Southwire’s SIMpull WireBARREL, CoilPAK, SIMpull BARRELTM Cable Drum, and SIMpull REEL™ payoff system
  • Next-day delivery to most of the DMV area
  • Up to 9 different colors of Southwire SIMpull THNN XHHW copper and aluminum wire
  • Sizes from #8 up to 750MCM copper and #6 up to 1,000 MCM aluminum wire
  • 7 colors of ¾” and 1” EMT pipe in stock to help you instantly identify power, datacomm and emergency electrical systems
  • 1 1/2” through 4” EMT pipe in various colors in stock

New Dominion Stock!   

  • Medium-­‐Voltage Cable 35kv and 15KV cables EPR 133% TS PVC MC-105
  • 15kv sizes: #2awg, 1/0awg, 4/0awg, 350mcm, 500mcm and 750mcm
  • 35kv sizes: 1/0awg, 4/0awg, 350mcm, 500mcm, and 750mcm

No matter what you need, our Virginia and Maryland pipe and wire distribution facilities and installers answer the call with services like:

  • Wire cutting to your specs; you get the amount and type you need
  • Wire paralleling to save you time, labor, and money
  • Managed cable by the job, floor, or project to save you time, labor, and money
  • Large quantity wire cuts for those bigger projects
  • Southwire-certified installers to add pulling heads to your cable, to reduce your time and labor
  • Increased conduit capacity with our Laurel and Chantilly distribution centers
  • Managed pipe orders to help you take advantage of short-term price drops, to accommodate jobs requiring large quantities, or meet the needs of a specific project
  • Flatbed truck delivery for easy crane or forklift unloading

Whether you need a large order, specialty product, or rush job, or you simply want to work with someone you trust, turn to Dominion.

With our central location, we can usually deliver in the DMV area within 24 to 48 hours, and often next day.

Contact one of our materials specialists via email at for a quote or to learn what we can do for you.

SIMPull CoilPAK Wire Payoff
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