Energy Management

Every organization can reduce its energy costs while improving efficiency. Generally, the more energy your existing lighting consumes, the greater your potential savings by retrofitting with LED lighting.

Lighting is 30% to 35% of energy consumed in commercial buildings including office buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, health care facilities, schools and colleges, retail spaces, and parking lots and garages. Different buildings have distinctly different needs. We understand how the requirements for a mall lighting differ from those of a senior living center or apartment building.

Wading through your options to find the best energy-efficient solution can be confusing and time-consuming. You can turn to Dominion Electric Supply’s lighting and energy management specialist for help with:

  • Reducing your energy bills
  • Retrofitting and payback analysis
  • Understanding available rebate programs and incentives
  • Securing preferred pricing from manufacturers
  • Securing manufacturer financing for energy-saving projects (on large-scale jobs)

Whether you’re considering replacing your insufficient lighting or upgrading to newer and more attractive lighting, or if you’d like more information about affordable LED lighting, we can help. You’ll be guided through the process, beginning to end, to make sure you get the right solution for your goals and budget. We’ll make it easy!

Contact Dominion Electric Supply Company to to learn more or for a no-cost energy audit.

Learn more about energy-saving programs in the Maryland–Virginia–DC area from the following websites:

Energy Life HCK
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