Chantilly Service Center

Chantilly Service Center
4080 Westfax Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151

Supply Counter

Tel.: 1-703-631-8300

Hours of Operation:
Monday–Friday: 6 a.m.-4 p.m.
Saturday: Closed

Chantilly Service Center
Counter and Materials
4080 Westfax Drive
Chantilly, Virginia 20151
703-631-8399 or 1-800-525-5007

Hours of Operation:
Monday–Friday, 6 a.m.-4 p.m.
Saturday: Closed

Joe Baxter, Vice President of Branch Sales
Bernie Kelley, Vice President of Operations

Counter Sales
Mike Brooks Counter Manager, EPEC Gold Graduate
Jim Frisancho, Hablo Epańol
Robert Daniels
Makenzie Milburn
Hung Tran

Todd Stotler, Director of Commodity Markets (Sales & Purchasing)
Jason Hoffman, Commodity Specialist
Bob Schlawin
Andy Sharlin
Jon Embrey

Computer Operations
Liz Erkenbrack, IT Director
Mike Thomas, IT Manager
Scott Wardinski

Warehouse Operations 
Pat Ferguson, Distribution Manager
Jason Grant, Assistant. Distribution Manager
Barbara Brooks, Dispatch & Delivery Manager

Lighting Designers and Showroom Staff
Lighting design takes time. Please make a consulting appointment and bring blueprints and plans.
Amanda Leonard,  Director of Showrooms, ALA CLS, Manager, Buyer
Claudia Benites, Hablo Español
Mary Brown, ALA CLS
Caitlin McDermott Gilhuys, ALA CLS
Irving Poscarangre, ALA CLS
Valerie Ramos, Showroom Team Lead, ALA CLS, Hablo Español
Erin Schwartz, ALA CLS, BA/Interior Design, Buyer
Emily Stephens, Lighting Designer
Stephanie Gutierrez, Order Fulfillment Specialist
Hayden Gouge, Showroom Host

Production Homes (Lighting) Division
Catherine Schlawin
, Manager, ALA Certified Lighting Consultant
Debbie Fortney, Outside Sales

Commercial Lighting Quotations
Andrew Burgess, Quotations Specialist
Shannon Creighton, Quotations Specialist
Veana Ferrer, Quotations Specialist
Tim Howell, Sr. Quotations Specialist
Chris Nehl, Sr. Quotations Specialist
Jordin Twenhofel, Quotations Specialist

Quality Control
Stephanie Walch, Quality Control Team Lead
Theodora Thomas
Bryan Wire

Commercial Lighting Project Management
Patty Smith, Manager, Project Management
Annette Bentz, Project Manager
Stacey Estep, Sr. Project Manager
Kelly Finnegan, Sr. Project Manager
Pedro Hernandez, Sr. Project Manager
Tina Maxfield, Sr. Project Manager
Nicole Romano, Project Manager

For lighting job and bid requests, email

Larry Spitzer, Switchgear Quotations Manager, 571-581-3359
Joe Battaglia, Switchgear Operations Manager, 571-581-3405
Kody Brown, Quotations, 571-581-3427
Mike Knarr, Quotations, 410-536-9735
Blake Owens, Quotations, 571-581-3362
Alex Boeckler, Project Manager, 571-581-3126
Lisa Gregory, Senior Project Manager, 571-581-3360
Maria Castillo, Project Manager, 571-581-3357
Matthew Ruehlmann, Project Manager, 240-965-2645

For switchgear quotes or questions, please email

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