Government projects can be especially challenging. Some require NAFTA or TAA compliance while others mandate products be made in America. Some projects qualify for small business set asides, requiring that providers have 500 or fewer employees.

Wading through the fine print of compliance can be time-consuming and risky; and missing one detail can mean missing out on the job.

You can avoid the pitfalls and save time by calling us first. We’re up to speed on current legislation that affects your projects. We’ll quote the right manufacturers and products to give you your best shot at winning a bid. And, with fewer than 500 employees, Dominion qualifies for these projects.

For 80 years, electrical contractors have turned to us for electrical supplies, switchgear, pipe and wire, safety-related products, datacomm, and more—and for our thorough knowledge of government compliance and regulations. Plus time- and labor-saving solutions like our job site cart and floor-to-floor programs that make your job a little (or a lot) easier.

NAICS Code: 423610
Cage Code: 85220

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Voltage Drop

Helps determine the proper wire size for an electrical circuit based on the voltage drop and current carrying capacity of an electrical circuit.

Configurator Plus™
Web App

Save by switching to LED. This tool uses the bulb you have now to calculate potential savings and offers an energy-efficient LED alternative.

Conduit Fill

Conduit Fill is the percentage of area inside the conduit taken up by the cable(s). Get quick and easy results per NEC® guidelines.

SIMpull® Cable
Pull Calculator

Helps to estimate and manage cable installation projects. Provides the ability to alter data that indicates tension or sidewall pressure.

MCAP® Cost

Quickly and easily illustrates the potential labor cost savings when using MCAP® cable in place of traditional MC cable.

Hubbel Twist-Lock®

Quickly identify and choose a specific Twist-Lock device and view related products. Detailed product information is available.

Submittal Builder

Browse or search for products to add, create a list, and use it to create a submittal. Share your list by email, or add it to your shopping cart.

Kellems® Gripulator®

Identify and choose a specific Kellems Mesh Grip, Cord Connector or liquidtight product. Detailed product information is available.

Wire Bundle
OD Estimator

Determines the wire bundle outside diameter when using wires of different sizes. Provided by MB Cable Company of New Jersey.


Dominion Electric Supply Company, Inc. serves a number of markets. Click a photo for more information plus links to product groups, calculators and tools (apps), manufacturers, and projects.

Nestle Building w Permission

Commercial Construction

Offices, factories, warehouses, retail

Residential Market

Residential Construction

Houses, apartment buildings, condos



Schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics

White House


Government buildings, structures

Spy Museum

Recreation & Leisure

Parks, hospitality, private museums

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