Recreation & Leisure

Especially in the DMV area, resorts, hotels, monuments, museums, and other leisure facilities are commonplace. Powering these facilities and keeping them safe and secure requires the support of a dependable, reliable, and well-stocked electrical distributor with convenient locations.

You also need special services for those big jobs where every dollar and every day counts. When you’re ready to start work on that multi-floor, multi-level project, you can save time and labor with our job site cart and floor-to-floor delivery programs, while making your job a little (or a lot) easier.

With an inventory of more than $26 million, 250 brands, and 1,000 vendors, we can get you the parts you need, when and where you need them, and at the right price.

Our fleet of 34 vans, trucks, and flatbed delivery vehicles leave every weekday morning to deliver product throughout the DMV area and beyond. Or you can stop by one of our 10 counters or three lighting showrooms on your way to the office or the jobsite. Click here for a list of locations.

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Dominion Electric Supply Company, Inc. serves a number of markets. Click a photo for more information plus links to product groups, calculators and tools (apps), manufacturers, and projects.

Nestle Building w Permission

Commercial Construction

Offices, factories, warehouses, retail

Residential Market

Residential Construction

Houses, apartment buildings, condos



Schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics

White House


Government buildings, structures

Spy Museum

Recreation & Leisure

Parks, hospitality, private museums

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