Like many of you, Dominion has seen a continued uptick in internet fraud and scamming activities. We’d like to share some information so you can be vigilant about protecting the privacy of your Dominion Electric account. Below we’ve outlined how we routinely communicate with you about your account, as well as best practices for ensuring your digital security.

  • If you receive a phone call from Dominion and don’t recognize the name, please call us back at 703-536-4400 and ask for the person, by name, who called you.
  • Legitimate Dominion emails will be from an “” address. You may also receive emails from “” and “” These are from our customer bill-paying service. We’ve recently seen scammers create aliases that look like dominionelectric but with slight misspellings, i.e.
  • All payments should be sent to PO Box 7227, Arlington, VA 22207 or paid via ACH. If you have signed up for our online  bill paying service, you can pay invoices at Please contact our Accounts Receivable department at 703-536-4400 if you have any question or for more information.
  • Any mail regarding your account will be sent from our corporate headquarters at 5053 Langston Boulevard (formerly Lee Highway), Arlington, VA. If you receive mail asking you to remit payment to a different address or website, please call our Accounts Receivable department at 703-536-4400.

Unfortunately, scams, phishing, and even mail fraud are still commonplace. We hope these tips will help you remain vigilant about fraud attempts on your account. At Dominion, we will continue to evaluate our security protocols, fiercely protect your privacy, and keep you informed about any new developments.





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