Schneider Selectors

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Schneider EZ Product Selectors make product selection, well...easy!

To see a video tutorial , click the image above.


Whether you're building a load center, panelboard, transformer or safety switch, you want to make sure you order the right parts for your specific application. Schneider has developed over 100 product selectors to walk you though the process of choosing the parts and products you need.

Below is a list of the most fequently used EZ Selectors by category:

Residential & Small Business
Combination Service Entrance Devices
Load Center Selector (Max 240Vac)
Miniature Circuit Breakers
Multi 9 Miniature Circuit Breakers

Critical Power, Cooling & Racks
Surge Protection Device
Varset Low Voltage Capacitor Banks

Low Voltage Products & Systems
I-Line Panelboards (Merchandised)
Lighting & Appliance Panelboards (NF)
Lighting & Appliance Panelboards (NQ)
LV Transformers
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Safety Switches

You can access these selectors and more, here:


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