Our Vision


Dominion Electric Supply and Dominion Lighting will tirelessly strive to become the best-in-class distribution company of today and tomorrow.

We will passionately seek out new and better ways to enhance our customers’ experiences, expand our market penetration, and achieve financial growth.

To accomplish this, we will invest in our employees, providing them a place where people respect, encourage, and care about each other.

We will embrace our culture of excellence, where curiosity, learning, and challenging the status quo are commonplace. Dominion will be a place where people will realize their full potential.


Dominion’s Core Values guide the way we behave, do business, and treat our customers, vendors, and employees. Every employee of Dominion Electric is expected to live and breathe these principles. We will never compromise on our core values. They inform our hiring, firing, training, and mentoring.


Ethics matter, especially when no one is looking. We do what we say and say what we do.

We communicate candidly and in a timely manner. We’re authentic, and we understand that not only does this build trust and meaningful relationships, but it is a gift to ourselves and others to be accepted for who we really are.

We hold our peers and ourselves accountable for performance, behavior, and upholding our core values.

We deeply respect ourselves, each other, and our customers.


We are a family business. We take care of and honor each other, actively creating opportunities that enable us to support and grow our own families.

We act with the collective good in mind. We actively seek what is best for Dominion as a whole, and we understand that when our customers’ businesses grow, the whole “family” grows.


We are inclusive, understanding that we are all unique and welcome. We thrive on our diversity of cultures, ideas, and backgrounds.

We are a team who listens to each other–not just to respond, but to truly understand. By doing so we are empathetic and sensitive to others’ situations, feelings, and motives. This sense of respect, empathy, and understanding always informs our business and personnel decisions.


We care deeply about our impact, the importance of our work, and the relationships we cultivate. Our passion fuels a deep sense of curiosity, which we look to as an engine for achievement and excellence. We never stop learning, exploring new ideas, and innovating.

Most importantly, we’re always challenging ourselves to find a better way.


We lead and serve our customers and each other with sincerity and dedication. We understand that we’re part of a bigger picture–when we serve our customers, we’re also serving their businesses, families, and communities.


Dominion’s culture is a living, breathing organism that will continue to grow and evolve over time with intentional thought and care. It is built upon our core values, and both enables and nurtures our constant pursuit of excellence.


We lead by example, and constantly live and talk about our core values. We pursue excellence in everything we do, maintaining the highest level of standards for others and ourselves.

We are intentional, and keep a relentless focus on the customer experience, always seeking ways to make it better.

We strive to be excellent communicators, and express ourselves in a respectful, timely, candid, and succinct way.


We create an environment where people can strive for and reach their full potential. We believe in having the right person in the right seat to set them up for success.

We take initiative, and are thoughtful, intentional, and decisive. While we loudly celebrate our successes, we don’t fear failure because we know we will always learn from it. We get things done. We always seek improvement.

We embrace technology as a means to fulfill our purpose—to propel and deliver on our goals and vision. We believe it provides the power to explore and succeed with new ideas and ways of improving our business.

As a team, we are clear about expectations so that we feel comfortable giving our very best. We understand that our success depends on working together toward a common goal, not as a group of individuals.

Our training together allows us to grow and learn, and we are committed to developing a clear and engaging curriculum within each part of the company.


We are always looking for opportunities to serve in every sense of the word. We believe in the growth of ourselves and others, and actively seek both mentors and opportunities to mentor.

We’re warm-hearted and understanding, and we value each other as human beings. We pick each other up and call each other out when it’s needed. We find time to laugh and have fun together, and we love what makes each of us unique.

Finally, as we’ve always said, “Take care of each other.”

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