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Welcome Mike Farinelli!

Welcome Mike Farinelli!

Mike Farinelli has joined the Baltimore Commercial Lighting Sales Team!

Mike brings nearly 30 years’ experience in lighting and sales to Dominion, including working for a lighting manufacturer, and most recently, another electrical distributor.

When asked why he made the move to Dominion, Mike explained, “Having worked for some larger, more corporate distributors, what drew me to Dominion was that it’s still an independent, family-owned company. It has that family kind of feel.”

“I’m excited to get up and go to work again. I have the opportunity to grow here in a way that I didn’t have before. Additionally, I’ll get to do what I enjoy most, which is talking to customers and working closely with reps to close some deals,” said Mike.

Mike is based out of the Essex, MD branch, but will work remotely from his home in Pennsylvania. You can reach Mike at 240-965-2646 or mfarinelli@dominionelectric.com.

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