Border States to Acquire Dominion Electric Supply Company, Inc. Click here to learn more.



Two people standing in front of a control panel with green lights, one of them holding and pointing at a tablet screen, discussing custom electrical solutions.

Custom Electrical Solutions for Your Unique Projects

At Dominion Electric, we specialize in providing custom electrical solutions for all your unique projects. We specialize in creating custom solutions that are designed to ...
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A person holding a printed sheet displaying an electronic circuit diagram, viewed from behind, referencing electrical component datasheets.

Electrical Component Datasheets: Detailed Specs You Need

As an electrical distributor, we know that every component matters. Nail your next project by handpicking top-notch parts and knowing exactly how to use them. ...
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Two workers wearing safety gear examine an open electrical panel outdoors. One holds a tool, and the other holds documents, inspecting the panel's wiring and components, possibly preparing a report for warranty claims.

How We Handle Defective Products or Warranty Claims

In the field of electrical components, even with the most stringent production procedures, the odd faulty product or warranty claim is unavoidable. Dominion Electric is ...
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A close-up view of an electrical panel with multiple circuit breakers, colored wires, and a digital display indicating power voltage, meticulously adhering to electrical safety standards.

What Electrical Safety Standards Do Our Products Comply With?

Looking for electrical products that are safe, reliable, and compliant with the highest standards? Well, you have come to the right place! Our products do ...
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Arlington Supply Counter

Border States to Acquire Dominion Electric Supply Company, Inc.

Border States is set to acquire Dominion Electric Supply Company, Inc. on Wednesday, May 1, pending regulatory approval. Dominion was established in 1940 and has ...
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Night view of a football stadium.

The Role Of Efficient Power Distribution in Gyms, Halls & Stadiums

Ever wondered about the magic that powers up your favorite sports stadium or lights up your gym for those late-night workouts? What is the role ...
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Two people in well-lit kitchen

The Role Of Optimal Lighting In A Home – No Matter The Size

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt at ease, without being able to put your finger on why? Or maybe the opposite ...
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Beautiful commercial lighting design

Commercial Building Lighting Types and Their Specifications

Entering a retail store and feeling comforted by the cozy lighting can be attributed to careful commercial lighting design. That’s the magic of well-designed illumination ...
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How A Switchgear Functions in Residential & Commercial Electrical Systems

Ever been in the middle of a gripping movie when, out of nowhere, your power goes off? It’s frustrating, right? An unseen protector stands ready ...
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